Why I stopped using regular cotton pads.

IMG_4070 (1) copy

If cleansing milk and cotton pads are my best friend when I am too lazy to do a proper morning routine, throwing so many cotton pads at the end of it hurts me. Not physically of course, but it breaks my heart a little bit.

Being environmentally friendly does not necessarily means being perfect, but trying your best. One of my main goals for this year was to reduce the amount of waste I was producing, and my evening routine cotton pads was taking a big chunk of my waste.Every little step counts toward a more responsible use of our resources.

I found reusable cotton pads on amazon, of course it has a cost (around 20 euros for 10 pads) but they are of course machine washable and reusable up to 150 times per cotton pads.

I’ve switched to reusable cotton pads a couple of month ago, I really wanted to wash them several time before talking about them and recommanding it. But so far, the pads keep their texture and shape, and all and all they are awesome !

hope you have a nice week ahead,

L  x

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