Foreo Luna Mini : A first impression and in-depth review


One of my strongest beliefs is that taking care of your skin inside out makes make-up irrelevant. As of last year, I really look at the way I treat my skin and chose well the products with cleaner ingredients. Let me know if you want me to do a skincare routine of some sort with the products I use.

Back to our Foreo Luna Mini, I got mine from which was cheaper than the Sephora prices. The device in question is the first generation, I know there is a second generation with some fancy buttons on the front but I have the older one.

I got this device mainly to make my night time skincare routine extra fancy and more relaxing. It was a major throwback to that Video Lisa Eldridge made about Evening Face massages (that should definitely be watched and put to practice more often). The first thing I have noticed the first time I used this device is how relaxing it is after a long day of work. I used it with my normal cleanser, and it left my skin soft, clean and a little bit red. My skin is really sensitive to everything under the sun: make-up, the pillowcase I sleep on, scented creams which makes trying new products or devices for skincare very hard, especially when you buy a cream a fortune and you end up giving it away because it breaks you out like there’s no tomorrow. This device is gentle! (All that I hoped it would be). You can actually choose between two speeds and the device tells you when to change area which is very handy to not overdo it on the skin.

I think with this kind of device, the long term effect is more important than the first impression simply because overtime, the skin tends to react differently. Now A week or so after using it every night, I got more spotty around my noise which made me think that either I wasn’t cleaning the device well enough (which I definitely do now) or I wasn’t using it properly around my noise and on top of my cheeks. I now spend an extra 10 second on each side of my noise with the back of the devise and I did not have a problem since then.

All and all, this device made my skin softer, cleaner and it’s very relaxing in the evening. Like a lot of people who are looking to get this device, I really thought about getting a Clarisonic brush or a brush by clinic (I don’t remember the exact name for it) but I’ve always been put off by the price of the device and the fact that the head needs to be bought over and over. On top of that, the bristles seems to be a little unhygienic (I am weird like that aha).

Have you tried it?


L x

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