Experimenting with Style. #lbfashionfiles

IMG_3851Fashion is made to experiment, try new things, and eventually find your own personal style. Thought I am obsessed with learning about new trend, my “personal style” – if that’s even a thing – is very classic, I wear a lot of black as my week uniform has to be very understated – almost boring.

I tried new things, like this Lavalliere scarf, that I adore. For the longest time I was so scared of going out of my comfort zone with my style mainly because I live and work in an area where people are really judgmental. One day, I decided to stop giving a F* about what people say or think about me. I do what want, and I also wear what I want – because that’s oh-so-cliché but life is too short, and you will always have people who’s not going to like you and that’s okey. Your life will get easier once you start considering that you cannot please everyone. And you better not, for your own sanity !


L x

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