What’s in my travel pouch – The England Edition


As I write those lines, I am getting ready to go on a flight to London, Gatwick. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve lived in England for 4 years. I though I would do a  what’s in my travel pouch as I have some tips and tricks for more comfortable flights.

Now, last time I travelled (with my timeless Chanel), I had a misadventure in Milano where I had to run after someone who tried to stole mine and my mom handbags out of our car. I got the bags back but I am a bit nervous to travel with more expensive bags nowadays.

This bag is from Kipling – I know it’s not very trendy – but I really like the colour, size and the fact that there are many pockets (very handy when travelling). I usually have on me, my passport, and my diary which is straightforward , you cannot go very far without a passport in France nowadays. I also got my wallet and a separate pouch for my pounds. Some headphones and some bits and bobs to freshen up, a sample of my beloved TOM FORD Velvet Orchid, because there’s no way I would ever travel with a bottle of perfume for a week. I will also bring my Dyptique Rollerball, a lip balm, this clear one is from Pixi, and it’s so good and last and not least, my eye patches because no matter if I look crazy on the plane, I never wear make-up when I travel, and blue under-eyes is never a good look, ever.

Two of my favourites travel companions are a big chunky cashmere scarf and a big phone charger to be connected and warm on the go !!!! 

What do you take with you in the plane when you travel ?


L x




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