#LBFOODIARY Healthy Homemade Pizza


Homemade pizza is a great way to eat “junk food” in a cleaner way. Something I’ve very conscious about recently is ingredients used in already cooked meal. Since I’ve seen a documentary on how some cheese put on pizza is made of a plastic derivative – Sincerely WTH !!!! – I had a hard time eating even frozen pizza.

Being picky and looking for quality is not a bad thing especially when it comes to food. The food you put in your body plays on the state of your skin, your body weight and even your mind. That how important eating good, nutritious and vitamin-fuelled food is. So even when I feel down, and I am craving junk food my habits is to start cooking pizza.

I have to make the dough out of 250 cl of warm water, 375 g of flour, one pack of yeast, a table spoon of olive oil and two pinch of salt. I put all the dry ingredient together with the olive oil in a large bowl then add the warm water, little by little then add flour to thicken the consistency if required. In that bowl, I use a wooden stick to mix the ingredients and create a dough that I then cover with a kitchen towel and then put somewhere warm to rest for an hour or so.

While the dough is resting, I put a frying pan on the hob, start chopping half an onion, and a clove of garlic. I then add one chopped bell pepper and 500g of cherry tomatoes chopped into halves to shimmer for a little while. I then add basil and dry oregano. I let it reduce until it become the consistency of tomato sauce.

Amongst the things I like to put on my pizza; 4 or 5 fried basil leaves, 5 fried white mushrooms, a handful of black olives and 100g of Burrata Mozzarella cheese are my ultimate favorites. The good things about making your own pizza is that you can add whatever you fancy on it. It’s up to your taste and preference. Also making pizza from start to finish is very simple, yet it takes time. To me, when I have something on my mind, and I am craving bad food, having to make something with my hand is rewarding and take your mind of the thing that was being a problem in the first place.

I love making homemade pizza with loads of tomatoes and good veggies to cut my craving for bad food, and also the pizza base (that I like to make very thin) and the cheese is so satisfying.

Have you already tried to make your own homemade pizza ?

Love x


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