It’s OK.

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There are mornings where I leave to go to work, my flat is a mess, I couldn’t find the top I wanted to wear and I just don’t feel an 100%. Really, these morning happens too often, I leave for work when the sun just came up and won’t come back until it come down.

I am no complaining in any ways, I love my job and I am so grateful to have one. But these mornings make me feel so bad about myself, like if I did not have my life sorted out because I never have time for anything.

Maybe it’s okey to not have everything sorted out right away, it’s okey to be always running to get to work on time sometimes. Being a perfectionist also means being very judgemental not so much about others but the self.

In those moment I love to write, I take a piece of paper or a big post-it and I start writing things I want to add to this blog. But I hardly have time to finish them up and publish them, because I am way too busy for that – Or maybe I just don’t make time for it.

Maybe next time you are too harsh with yourself, remember that it is okey, to be human, it is okey to be not as perfect as you would like to be. As soon as you are trying your best to make every day worth it and a couple of step forward to the person you wish to become even if you fail sometimes. Failing is better than not trying anything at all.

So yeah, be tolerant with yourself and with the people around you. It is worth it.



L x

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