#LBFOODIARY Apple Crips : Easy Healthy Snack Recipe


IMG_2733 copy

Happy Sunday Lovelies !

I wanted to share with you all today the recipe I’ve doing recently to avoid snacking on junk food. Now, I eat pretty clean but I can say that snacking is one of my downfall. In order to reduce the impact of snacking on my diet, I’ve been trying a couple of healthier snack (see my raw twix article here) but this one is by far my favourite simply due to the fact that all you need is a couple of apples or more (for the bowl in the photo I’ve used four apples). It is so easy it’s unreal ! all you need is to slice your apples pretty thin (The thinner they are the quicker they will cook), and add then to the oven at 120° celsius (248 degrees fahrenheit) for one hours to one and an half hour. Open your oven regularly to let the steam go and check on the slices to remove the ones that are cooked.

It’s so fun to add them when your friends come around for drinks, or just to snack on when comes tea time. You should try it !


Lauren x



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