Too Faced Hangoverx primer : a first impression and update

IMG_2156 copy

When the Too Faced Hangover Fx replenishing face primer (finally) dropped in to my local Sephora, I came to finally check it out. When the lady at the till asked me what I thought about it because it’s quite a new product, I thought about doing a first impression on this product. Now the primer I have used for the last 8 months is the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer – A silicon heavy primer that I love using on days I wear makeup, I don’t love so much the price tag and the fact there is silicon in it but it works so well at evening out the skin tone and the skin texture.-

My skin is dry/deshydrated, really sensitive, and acne-prone. I have a few scaring from past blemishes. What I look for in a primer is longevity, a cleaner ingredient consistency and agents that will help improve the texture and coloring of my skin because I never wear foundation. In other words, I am very demanding.

When I had the first look at the packaging, I have first noticed the fact that this primer is silicon-free with a “healthier” consistency – probiotics based ingredient and coconut water-. the promise is that this primer is proactive and nourishing; smoother, more radiant and hydrated as well as long lasting. Let’s see !!

The tube itself has a quite a big pump which is good for hygiene reason, two pumps worth of product is enough for my whole face. The white liquid-y cream smells like coconut and is really cooling on the skin. The liquid is very easily blended and is really cooling. The finish is really radiant indeed – very similar to the Burberry Healthy Glow Primer – I then waited 4 minutes for the liquid to be sinked into the skin.

My face is not as smooth as when I use the hourglass one, but then again there’s no silicon in the too faced one so I guess it’s an habit to take.

Here are impressions on my first day wearing this primer :

12h – My first thought when looking at the mirror – I don’t look like I woke up at 5. I surprisingly manage to still look fresh and awake. None of my make-up has rubbed off so far. This product definitely doesn’t make my skin texture look as even as the Hourglass Veil Primer does, this base is silicon free you know.

18h30 – Back at home:  My concealer rubbed off on my noise – normal for a glasses-wearer. The rest of the makeup looks very good.

22h – finally really to take off my make-up and go to sleep. I still have a lot of makeup on for that time of the day !

Now after a week of frequent use, I really like this primer, and it keeps most of these promises HOWEVER in the ingredient list, one in particular called “Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate” really intrigued me after googling it, one thing is sure the composition is not as clean as the packaging would suggest. I will use this product, not everyday because of the ingredient list but I will finish it because it is a nice primer.  It would be interesting to see in the long-run if it really improves the skin, but no far no blemishes are yet to be seen because of this primer and my skin looked hydrated during the day.

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