4 things my guineapig taught me


IMG_2110 copyI’ve never owned a guinea pig before that day of September 2 years ago when we came to the house of a russian family that was giving away two guineapigs. One died a couple of month later and for now, I take care of my piggie on my own.

I ‘ve never owned a guinea pig because I’ve been brought up surrounded by mostly cats. I was soon to realise that owning a guinea pig require a lot of attention and care.

When I first had to rely on myself only to take care of my piggie, Sofian – name chosen by the russian family, I prefer calling him sofianou … Go figure ! – I was really anxious because I did not know what to do: The pet shop sold us a cage that was becoming too small for him as he could not properly move in it for example.

I did a whole lot of research on guinea pig care on youtube and on the internet. One of my favourite person to watch on youtube is little adventures, I find her so calming and useful to watch. She definitely helped better understand my guinea pig and how to care for him.

My guinea big taught me how to become a better listener because all of his different noises means something different, I now know how to understand what he wants, food-wise, when he wants cuddle or when he wants to go back to his cage. A guinea pig requires a lot of attention, which means that on top of feeding him fresh veggies, you sometimes need to give them a bath, cut their hair, watch him while he’s having floor time (especially if there are other animals around). The good thing is that Sofian knows how to jump on me (up on my chest) in case he’s feeling threatened or in danger.

He taught me to a calmer person, I don’t really know how, he really help me. A guinea pig is an animal who is scared very easily (especially if not in group – unfortunately I cannot commit to getting another one just yet), I remember the first he saw my two cats, he got really agitated and scared. Now with time, he’s not by any means best friends with my cats, but he’s not as scared of them. He also really help me with my stress, someone seeing him and interacting with him really relaxes me.

He also taught me to be a better eater. Having a guinea pig means having a fridge partially full of fresh veggies. He loves endives, parsley (the flat one especially), celery and carrots as well as his dry food of choice and hay. I love making him try new veggies and fruits, a decent amount of variety is crutial in their diet as they are not capable to synthesize vitamin C . Having so much fresh veggie in the fridge also encourage me to be a better eater and hump up my daily veggie intake.

On top of improving my veggie intake, he also improved my capacity of not caring too much about what people are thinking. Now I am 25, i work in a financial department, I wear a suit everyday; so of course when I said I had a guinea pig, some people would not understand. Because “it looks like a rat” or “it’s so dirty” or “it is childish”… well all I care about is that I gave my word to that family to make him happy and I won’t change that regardless of the jugment coming from some people from the outside world. I think unless you ever had a guinea pig, you cannot understand how clever and caring this animal can be. Also he is so cute when he swins !!!! 

Have you ever had a guinea pig ?


L x



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