5 ways for a S.M.A.R.T 2016

IMG_1773 copy

Easily come by, easily gone are the resolutions taken at the beginning of the year. Are we already almost in February, like for real !? crazy. Rather than taking the new years’ resolution I usually do;  – am eating a macaron as I write these lines – eating healthy would have been one of them !; I took another turn this year. I made it S.M.A.R.T.

  • Specific : What can I improve this year ? A couple of things indeed. I sat down to set what was to achieve this year clearly. Oh yes, Writing will help you get it done.
  • Measurable : Yes, if your goals is to look like Kylie Jenner for 2016, maybe you will need to  define how much work is actually required to reach that goal and define a scale to measure the improvement.
  • Achievable : that goes without saying but the more you break down a huge task to take baby steps, the more likely you are to actually reach your goals.
  • Realistic : Choose objectives that are mildly reachable, and that you know you can reach and that you are willing to reach.
  • Timely: set up a date or time to follow up on your objectives, to make sure you are taking care of them.
  • And most importantly, Ask yourself the things you can change to make yourself happier on the day and on the long run before choosing objectives, those are the most critical to follow up on.

How is 2016 for you so far ?



L x

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