Diptyque Eau Rose is a beauty !


Smelling like a Rose Macaron from Ladurée ? Don’t tempt me, it might actually happen!

I got this perfume during my recent trip to Paris.

Its smell reminds me of a subtle and very fresh version of Ladurée Ispahan dessert. Lychee and Rose are amongst the main note of this fragrance that happen to smell like roses but in a fresh and very wearable way.

It is also a very young fragrance but in a really womanly way, while staying fresh. Does it make sense ? Probably not !

It is a recent absolute must-have in my handbag; the roll-on is so handy for quick and discreet touch up during the day. Also, Can we take a minute to admire the packaging ?

All and all, this perfume is a beauty!

For Valentine’s Day, Diptyque is actually relaunching a new version of this perfume with Olympia Le-Tan. It’s not sponsored by the way — I just really like this purchase I made with my own money.



L x



3 Replies to “Diptyque Eau Rose is a beauty !”

  1. No habia visitado tu blog por un tiempo, porque me pareció que era denso, pero los últimos posts son de buena calidad, así que supongo que voy a añadirte a mi lista de sitios web cotidiana. Te lo mereces amigo. 🙂



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