The Hippie Lane Raw Twix Bars

Last weekend was the occasion for me to try out the Hippie Lane app I’ve bought quite a while ago. The thing is, I’ve had to think about where to get such ingredients as my supermarket does not carry some of the stuff necessary for these recipe. I am not vegan in any ways, shapes or forms, instead I rather think that I am a veggie enthusiast who enjoy eating healthier.

Healthier is key really. Healthier than real Twix (as of you know what it is inside) but not a healthy as a fruit. That’s the thing really, these are a healthier cheat treat. I’ve really been enjoying eating clean, not really a new year resolution per say more of a craving.

These are rather easy to make. It requires a few steps, a freezer and first and foremost a good food processor. Grinding the nuts with the rice syrup was a bit of a struggle for me, my food processor did not quite handle it so well aha. I got there in the end !

This recipe and many more are available on the Hippie Lane App.

Did you try it ?



L x

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