Long time, no post!

Happy New Year Everyone ! I hope the coming year will be full of joy, happiness, love and success. Also you are now 200 to follow me, and this is insane ! Thank you so much for such a good year for my blog.

I did not wrote on here since the last day of my 12 days of Christmas Series, well that was intense. Blogging every couple of days for a month, producing content and pictures, while dealing with the craziness of that time of year and working full time was definitely some kind of an achievement! By the end of it, I did not really know what to post. I really admire bloggers who post so regularly, you really own it aha !

Beauty is a big part of that blog, but nowadays I feel like I have done enough of that in here. Reviewing Make-up is interesting and interest you but I feel like I have new goals for 2016. One of them being simplicity and buying when I need something not just when I feel like I want it. All of these articles I made around christmas peace and simplifying your surroundings really got to me. I am about cutting down on waste and unnecessary items… for now anyway.

So stay tuned, Love.

L x

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