How to survive a Festive Meal (without eating too much) – DAY 11 OF #12DAYSFORAPEACEFULCHRISTMAS


The best thing about having healthy eating habits throughout the year is that when comes the Christmas dinners, you have no worries about eating what you want. The Christmas dinner is about having fun and bounding with family without guilt.

The starters are quite a tricky one as it is supposed to make you wait until the main dish. We all know what happen when we get hungry or when the dinner takes too long to start. Why not eating something rather healthy before going to the party as so you won’t be as hungry and as a consequence, won’t eat as much starters.

The Main Dish is the easy one, prefer sea food to more consistent dish as it is lighter. Don’t eat too much sides and watch your portions. 
Cheese and Dessert: Why not preferring the quality to the quantity of cheese and dessert? Also add Fresh Fruits to the mix as they are really good for you but still not as a bad as a thicker slice of Christmas pudding. 

The last but certainly not the least, whether you drink alcohol or not is your choice but don’t forget to stay hydrated by drinking loads of water. It will cut your appetite and potentially ease the digestive process. 


L x

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