Then Why Christmas ? – Day 10 of #12daysforapeacefulchristmas

Maybe it is that little something in the air that makes us feel festive. All hard times call for a resourcing break, with friends and family around a homemade meal, christmas tree and thoughtful gifts. Christmas is also a way to go back to basics, continuing or reviving old tradition or even making new ones.

Christmas it is also :

  • Glitters and illumination

Christmas is that time of the year where sparkles are part of the uniform. Make yourself sparkly and feel at your best it will then reflect on the mood of your loved one too.

  • That need to take a break

from a consuming society where everything go so fast – The Slow Motion and enjoying The joy of Missing out.

  • Overcoming unrealistic expectation

of a perfect family or a perfect party and just enjoy what is currently going on – Going back to simple expectations. Christmas is a time of year where the closed one become a peace refuge, a reassuring holiday that brings us closer. To make more time for experiencing christmas time, don’t forget to plan it out correctly.

  • Going back to tradition and making new ones.

A gift, a Meal, a reason to give back to people less fortunate than us, Christmas is the time of year where Kindness is everywhere (should be anyway). Christmas is the opportunity to be continuing tradition or making new ones to spread kindness and the spirit of the holidays.

  • A new beginning

whether you are christian or not, that does not really matter. Christmas is the moment where days slowly start to become longer (after the winter solstice which is on the 22 of December this year). Christmas is the occasion to recharge, and making a good start for the new year.


L x


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