The Joy of Missing out – Day 7 of #12DAYSFORAPEACEFULCHRISTMAS

I have used the word Joy because I didn’t to use the word fear you will see later in the article why. FOMO, you know that fear that makes you want to get your phone transplanted on your brain, or the one that makes you go to two different dinner in one night because you did not want to say no to neither of them.

FOMO (or JOMO if you decide to take it on a positive note), that’s what it is called. Really this is the fear of missing out. The reason we are stuck to Facebook or snapchat, because we do not want to miss out and be uncool. Because these people who are always busy, travelling, going to fabulous party… or at least that’s what they want you to believe.

It is fairly easy to display your life, market your personal brand online to make your life look fabulous that is always being surrounded, always being so cool and doing fabulous things. Guess what, that’s probably not the whole truth.

So yes, instead of enjoying a dinner with closed ones, we check our phones way to often to be healthy… I am not giving anyone any lessons, I am addicted to my phone too. I tried to quit Facebook and go MIA… one month until I gave up. I used to say yes to everything I was invited for the sake of being part of something, for the sake of trying to be cool … and facebooking about it.

As Anil Dash suggested  on his blog is that missing out on someone else plan might be the best way to live your life in your own term. Being happy and in peace with the things you want to do versus the things you think you have to do to look cool in the eyes of someone else. I enjoy social media to get closer to my friends that live far away don’t get me wrong- but I meet these friends as soon as I can when our schedules allow it.

This time of year is the perfect time to unplug, even if it is only during a dinner or a day. Appreciate simple pleasure of your offline life. Cherish it, make things happen offline and if something does not please you, deal with it instead of escaping online.

Christmas is the time of year to enjoy the company of your closed one. Life goes on so fast and you do not want to regretting wasting time when you could spend time with the people who really matter to you.



L x

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