Let it sparkle! – Day 6 of #12daysforapeacefulchristmas

What if the best way to combat the dull complexion we can sometimes get in Winter was also the best to lift your mood ? Few month ago, I would have say Hell no. No Shimmer, no shine, no sparkle to my makeup especially during the day.

After that I tried the Hourglass Ambient Lighting edit Palette, Nars Orgasm illuminator sample and the Burberry tiny sample of Fresh Glow in Nude radiance that made me change my mind : yes, adding a glow without big chunk of glitter on your face is possible.

I have also presented you a month or so ago my winter glow eyeshadow of choice and oh shocker, I prefer the H&M eyeshadow in Daci Di Dama as a dupe to that Chanel Entrelacs Shade I love (the pinky peachy shimmery one at the right end of the palette) to the Nars Valhalla ” Pricey Dupe”. That is a bold statement, but Nars Valhalla is the kind of eyeshadow that made me hate shimmery ones back in the day. The shimmer is so chunky !

The H&M eyeshadow consistency is really similar to the Chanel one (only differ the color of the shadow – but they are both stunning tbh), and oh surprise, they both have been made in Italy 🙂 .

Essence Merry Berry Highlighter is such a stunning product in term of packaging first (look at those stars !!) and in term also of pigmentation and quality of the powder. It has nothing to envy to high end highlighter. But run quick – this is limited edition.

In a nutshell, adding a glow to your face can really perk up your mood. Christmas is also the time when even if you go borderline with it, it is okey to feel really festive at that time of year. And even if it is not that time of the year, being happy and uplifting is always a good thing, just saying.


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