Giving Back – Day 5 of #12daysforapeacefulchristmas


This time of year is a great opportunity to give back to the community. Now I understand that not everyone can actually give money to charities, wether we cannot afford it or we are afraid this money is not going to be well spent. I am one of those people who think money is not best thing you can give out to the one in need. It is so easy to believe that throwing money at problem is going to solve it, it might work temporarily, but I think sympathy, help and efforts are more worthy.

Every year in November, I try to enrol in a charity run where all the benefits are going to the children in needs. Also why not giving the toys or books you are no longer using to charities, the same goes to clothes. It is a meaningful way of giving.

Now some Charities are worth your time and money, but make sure the charity is real before giving money or any of your old personal belonging.

As I mentioned in my perfect gift blogpost sometimes before helping strangers, look around for one of your relatives or neighbours, every little  attempt help count !


L x

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