How to Choose the Perfect gift (and others meaningful gift ideas) – Day 3 of #12daysforapeacefulChristmas

Now with the number of gift guide video going around you would think picking a gift for your loved one will be easy, but really, it is not just about picking a gift for the sake of it, but more making about making meaningful gift that they will enjoy using and need.

  • Things to keep in mind to succeed in choosing a good present for someone else :

While you have a preference for a certain color, style, taste in decor or even sports – Not everyone is going to like it so it is very important to try as much as possible to taylor the gift to the person you are buying for.

In the same fashion, avoid the stereotypes to think girls all like pink for example when choosing a gift as well as buying generic gift – a mug is not going to be to everyone taste – unless you have heard that they need one.

Too often the inability to choose a gift to someone else taste is considered as not caring for them enough. I agree that it is actually very hard to get it right. Gifts nowadays are considered as way to communicate love and caring it does not have to be fancy or expensive but a well chosen and meaningful gift.

  • Listen, Watch and Find out

In theory, It is fairly easy to go to a mall and pick up something they can return later but that is not what Christmas is about. I am not actually talking about religion here but more about thought and engagement. What does the person want ? Does it need something in particular ? Do they miss something you can get for them ? For example, one of my loved one just got her phone stolen so I already told her I would put some money toward helping her getting a new one.

Now I understand this might be tricky because in that fashion you need to actually know what they need or their taste and therefore talk or find out thought someone else in the family.

  • Look online and think outside the box

The perfect gift you are looking for is not necessarily in the first shop you will go to. Now Christmas Shopping on Saturday might be fun for some people but I am not a big fan of crowded places, if you are like me, look online, there will be a larger selection of gift more fitted to the person you are buying for. You might also save some bucks along the way too ! (Budget and saving tips post coming on Monday !)

  • An happiness jar

One of your loved ones is going through a rough time before Christmas, why not decorating and filling up a jar with uplifting quotes and inspirational words and compliments. That way when they feel under the weather they can reach always reach for one of these papers to uplift them.

  • An Attention voucher

Instead of gifting an item to your loved one, why not gifting them a day at the park or going out for dinner and a movie. all sorts of experience that can bring you closer. Gosh, I think we need more of that !!!

  • Hand making something 

If all of the above did not tickle your fancy, cook or bake something they love. Make a advent calendar or a collage of their favourite Instagram photos. a music playlist would also be a good idea !

How do you choose your gifts ?




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