Writing to get things done – Day 2 of #12daysforapeacefulChristmas

Writing things down is the best way to make them happen and be prepared for the necessities. Last minutes christmas shopping or last minute cooking session where you forget an ingredient can be rather stressful, as I mention in the previous post, the holidays should also be the time you take care of yourself and avoid unnecessary stress.

  • Manifesting what you want and how you want things done.

On the larger scale of things, manifesting what you want on a piece of paper whether it’s in writing or with pictures on an inspiration board is the best way to make them actually become reality. Clear your mind, understand what you want, “create a vision” and then you will make things happen.

  • After making a vision, it is about stating the mission.

So yes, you want that dinner to happen, or you want these gifts for particular people in your life. All of your christmas shopping is not going to happen overnight. That is when you need to start a to do list. As wise people say : Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail. And Stress I would add.

  • Break it down into smaller task: It will be less intimidating.

Planning a dinner for 10 people is intimidating. But once you break things down into smaller chunk of tasks, it actually become okey. No you won’t have to do all these tasks overnight if you plan long enough in advance. And no it won’t be a much of a burden. You will actually be able to focus on having fun with your guests instead of spending the evening in the Kitchen.

  • Be realist when doing a daily to-do list. Choosing to add too many tasks is unrealistic.

Now being realistic when creating a daily to-do list is essential otherwise it is going to counterproductive and chances are you are not going to do it. Our lives are busy enough without adding a massive Christmas to-do list on top of it. Be smart about the number of task you can actually perform. 

  • ticking things off as you go and rewarding yourself.

 If ticking things off your Christmas to do list wasn’t rewarding enough I propose you find another way to reward yourself on top of that with one of those healthy ginger biscuits (recipe coming soon) or a cheeky glass of your favourite Christmas drink (like my ginger bread latte recipe from last year) as you wish !
L x



7 Replies to “Writing to get things done – Day 2 of #12daysforapeacefulChristmas”

    1. Yes it is. Got it back in January, wore it everyday since Then. I am obsessed :)! Maybe ask for a sample in a perfume store to try it on before it is for sure a very complex perfume!!! Thank you for stopping by. Lauren x

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      1. They are missing out on a potential customer then :), you can always ask in another department store if you have the chance it is so worth it! X

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