On being thankful and #12daysforaPeacefulChristmas series announcement

There are so many things to be thankful about. But to start with, Happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate. It is an occasion to be thankful and aware of all the great things that surround us. After my everything that happen in my country, the scare most of us get when we feel threaten. Those attacks were shocking for a reason, not just because it happened in Paris but because one of the first time ever a group of people with very bad intention killed innocent citizens for other no reasons than what they chose to believe. After that attacks many times, in crowded places I wondered “what if?”.

I am ever so thankful my family, my friends and myself are alive and in good health. Even the smallest thing like cuddling my guinea pig after a long day of work, sending smileys to my fiancé, feeding my cats, watching a good series on Netflix makes me so happy.

The truth is these events need to also remind us about the important things those you cannot buy, but those which are worth millions.

I know this blog is about make-up mainly and I am not saying I am going to stop writing about this. I do like make-up and photographs. I also started to focus on minimalism last year in my new year resolutions so during December I have decided to write a series of 12 posts on #12daysforaPeacefulChristmas to focus on spending a relaxing, meaningful and minimalist Christmas as a gift to your loved ones and yourself.

As a consequence of the fact that I work full time, I will do my best to stick to a regular schedule but this is clearly a challenge for me. A challenge that I am more than ready to take on !

Once again from my family to yours, I wish you a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving.

with Love x


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