The best and cheapest dupe for Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils is from H&M new beauty range

Hi Guys,

If you haven’t see the comparison/ review I’ve made of the Maybelline colour drama / Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, I will insert the link here . As I mentioned in that post, These are dupe due to their packaging but I find their formula to be really different, the Maybelline one is very creamy, and pigmented and is almost like a lipstick in the form of a pencil whereas I find the Nars Velvet Matte Lip pencils to genius for everyday wear simply before it is pigmented, but also buildable, that means you can wear a shade in many different way. For example, I use Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil in Dolce Vita as a light lip liner/ lip colour for everyday wear, as a cream blush or even as a bolder shade if I am feeling like it that day (see the full review of that shade here).

Now, as you may be able to know if you have been plugged on this inter web in the last couple of month, H&M re-vamped their  beauty range and added a few new bits like their Lip colour to go. The colour Coquette is so similar to Nars Dragon Girl (and even Mac Ruby Woo Lip Liner that was limited edition) but it gets better, the formulation is really similar which pleases my heart. Now I am not a fan of the H&M packaging, the clear cap is absolutely horrible (first world problem 🙂 ) as both the original and the dupe formula can get messy pretty easily. However for 5,99€ a piece, I will deal with it. Now the colour selection of the H&M counterpart seems to be very limited, that the case with a lot of cheaper lip product, but if you find a colour that rocks your socks, go for it they are an awesome dupe.

Have a good day,

Love x

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