Get that Winter Glow on feat Chanel Entrelacs Christmas 2015 and Nars Valhalla

Let’s rewind to five blogspots ago, where I loudly stated that I wouldn’t see myself using a shimmery shadow during the daytime at the Office because it looked childish. Oh well, that was before I swatched the latest Christmas eyeshadow palette offering from CHANEL in Entrelacs. I’ve been using the shimmery peachy pink shadow in the far left corner on the daily. It is so well made, finely milled and subtle. It gives a pretty glow without adding a tone of colour. I am obsessed with that shade. A click on Temptalia later, I was ordering Nars eyeshadow in Valhalla, supposed to be one of the most perfect of dupe. The Nars offering has a more chunky glitter option than the Chanel shadow, and a base is essential to avoid any creasing. However I will make it work because this shade is so flattering and awakening for the winter. And who knows maybe in a heartbeat I will tell you that bright green shadow is my new thing :).


L x

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