‘I see Humans, but no Humanity’ #prayforparis

Quote by Jason Donohue 

 That photo has been taken by my mother two days ago when she visited Paris. Hopefully she’s now back home and safe but the thought of losing her to some terrorists’ gun bullets made me stay awake a good part of the night. I know not everyone has been as lucky as I am. I feel so incredibily sorry for those people who lost a family member or a friend because of these attacks, and those who got harmed as they just walked back to their home or went to a football match. 

I am not going to tell you any of my political / religious opinions on the matter because this blog is not made for that, I’ve already made a post after Charlie Hebdo attack because I am always shocked when these kind of things happen. I guess that’s what they want. Shocking people to impress and impose themself. Today, more than ever I am French. Supporting my country and the ones who lost their closest one to this war we weren’t really aware of. 

Take care 
L x

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