Lipstick and Aspirin

This seems to be the name of a song (That I have never heard of anyway) but instead, it is going a post about life…At its best. I am no superwoman like most of us, if you are a superwoman, well done you! Please give me the instruction manual to get there. I love looking at Instagram to find inspiration, in my dreams I would be wearing a very fancy – stylish outfit. In my everyday life, I enjoy wearing easy going while still classy clothes because you know that’s how I roll. I would love to wear my more fancy items on the daily, but maybe I am not daring enough for that. For the moment eitherway. 
I always ask myself how I would feel if one day I had my shiz together. If I was owning work, personal life while being Instagram-worthy … so much pressure isn’t it. To be honest, maybe it is not possible to do all that in one life. While Youtoubers and Bloggers may look perfect all the time – on video and photo – they are the best edited version of themselves also having time for hard core clothes shopping and making go to hot yoga class a priority in their life helps, a lot. I would do that for a week maybe, but that would never be a carrier option for me. My fancy habit of the day, the added drop of style in my not so boring busy daily routine is sometimes taking a bold lipstick in my bag, and feeling like I own it for the day ahead.  

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