Yet another catch-up: the fall edition


 When the leaves turn orange and red, yep, we are now well into the autumn season. Loving it so far. Since September I have been well into make-up (see previous posts) and also eating clean. Mediteranean Roast with Sweet potatoe fries have been one of my favorite dinners so far with of course my bibimbap. I have done the same sort of recipe but being half italian means that pasta will always come before rice for me, so I’ve been switching it up. Loving that recipe so much though it’s insane. 

Got released this month the personnal photos of Angelina Jolie taken by Brad Pitt in the South Of France. These photos are so powerful and genuine.The best of photographer is always the one that loves you – simply because they can capture the essence of who you are. 

On a lighter note, I have been living in checked shirt (when I am not wearing my work uniform) and fall colours  aka burgund and purple have really taken over my wardrobe. That being said I am wearing a dark monochrome outfit as we speak. Oh yeah. 

That being said, I hope you had a nice Halloween but now BRING ON CHRISTMAS ! 
L x 

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