The Hourglass Factor: It has all started in Milano

Hourglass was a brand I’ve heard a lot about but never really had the chance to try out simply because I cannot get hold of it in France. Well, I can, on but there’s no way I could ever justify ordering such expensive make-up without at least trying it out first. Crazy I know. But for some reasons, Sephora in Italy get Hourglass and you know what I swatched the primer and the eyeshadow palette and you know what, I got the travel size of the Mineral Veil Primer. Two months of daily use later, I haven’t had a bad make-up day and I used up the 8 ml in that gap.

Now if you followed my blog for a while you know how drown to matte pinky-mauve browny transition shade I am. Oh wow, that’s a shock. So of course, I tried that palette on the back of my hand, and after reading on Temptalia that the Modernist Infinity Palette had on top of a gorgeous pinky-brown matte shade, also the dupe of my first eyeshadow crush also know as Urban Decay Toasted from the naked 1. The pigmentation on this palette is insane – maybe a little too insane for someone who is a newby at applying eyeshadow – and these are also very powdery. The latter is not a problem to me as I love the design of that palette – it is gorgeous –  and the colours are to die for. Is it expensive for what it is ? Maybe. Do you absolutely need it in your life ? Well, the colours are quite basic, but with an edge.

The latest of the three is of course, the Hourglass Ambient Edit Palette which houses the best of Hourglass powder selection. I do believe Dim Light is one of their best seller illuminating powder out of the selection of three you get, you also get to try two blushes and a bronzer. As I mention earlier on on here, people are sometimes arguing that you do not get enough product for what you pay, and clearly if you have any of these already, you probably don’t need that palette. Now that being said, I have never tried any of their powders before, and I was curious to try it. Dim lights and Mood Exposure are my favourite, I also like the bronzer but more for my body than my face (I am not really into the glowy bronzer look). To my opinion, it still works out as a great deal when you take into account that I wouldn’t go and buy a full size of their powder without knowing if I like them. After trying them out, I can say I love Dim Light to set my make-up and I will still use it on special occasion, but my Chanel loose powder is kind of similar so I don’t see the point is buying something else, and I definitely don’t use blushers enough to go out and buy another full size. I enjoyed trying this palette though and will carry on using it.

On overall, I liked trying this brand, though my bank account is still recovering from it. I still use the primer on the daily basis because it really changed the way my make-up stays put all day long. It is someone worth it to invest in a good primer.

have you tried Hourglass ? What did you think of their product offering ?

L x

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