The Fall Minimalist Handbag Content 

In a perfect world that what the content of my Handbag would be. But until then, I simply present you the ideal content of my bag where every simple object would be useful and used.

Here are my trip and tricks for a small/ Minimalist Handbag:

– A small coin purse / card holder. I presented this one in a previous post. It is handy small but big enough for the necessities. You don’t need a big wallet seriously, the number of unnecessary loyalty cards or receipts I used to keep in my wallets… Once you cut the unnecessary stuff out you will never go back!

– A key holder, I got mine from Etsy and I could not be happier with it. I used to look for my keys / get sad when my keys scratches my small goods in my bag. This keeps then save, all together and protect the other items in your bag from getting scratched. Bonus point for never loosing my keys in my bag anymore and wasting time looking for them !!!!!

– As I have a small wallet, I like to keep some of my loyalty cards available on apps in a special file on my phone that way I never forget them in case I need them but they don’t take unnecessary space in my bag. I also like to write notes on my phone for daily life, shopping checklist or even blogposts when I have time to kill.

– Cosmetic wise: keeping a nice compact mirror, I got that one from EBay. An unwanted gift and also Chanel for a fraction of the real price. WIN! I also keep a CLEAR gloss to top up whatever lipstick I have on or if I feel my lips are dried out by a matte lipstick, I put some on. perfect for nourishing the lips and avoid this weird fading stain. This OH MY GLOSS was so inexpensive yet a very good buy. I love the texture, moisturising power (it has Argan oil in its composition) and the smell of it. I also like to keep some kind of sheer and easy lip balm like Dior Lip Glow or Sephora Oil Infusion in Bubbly Grenadine. One of those ones that look like they have a scary colour in the tube for the result on the lips is so discreet you can apply it without a mirror.

– I like to always keep a paper planner so that if anything happen I always have a hard copy at hand. I am so old !!!! I also have a phone charger and headphones. These. Are. Just. Essentiels. An external battery would be also a winner (comment below if you have recommendation for one) .

– And to finish, I always have a chunky scarf at hand. A big scarf that can keep you warm in case. Because it is autumn and it is getting chilly!!!

Hope you are all fine
L x

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