New bits in: Did I go banana !?

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In my last post, I talked about the fact I wanted to stop shopping. Well, was it a post online shopping guilt trip.. was it ?

So after the last two weeks spent online shopping like I’ve never did before. Here is what I got in the mail this week.

A disclamer: I almost never buy that much in one go. Take into consideration that the most expensive item in this haul was limited edition hence the fact I got it the second I saw it. Second Disclaimer : I am on a no buy for myself until my own christmas present. Third Disclamer : I work more than 40 hours a week for the pennies spent there hence I am allowed to spend them to my convenience, obviously.

This month I have been spending a lot of time on Etsy to find some good print for my apartment that I’ve just redecorated. I’ve found the print and I have also found this denty lapis necklace from Something Blue so far so good !

The New York Time 36 hours in Europe, 125 week ends ideas by Barbara Ireland is definitely an impulse buy but maybe one of the most useful stuff of this entire haul. I am so excited to look through this book for quick trip ideas around Europe. Perfect when you had only 21 days of paid holidays in the last two years! Weekend trips for the win 🙂 

As you may know most of the holiday collections are out now, and as I wanted to try Hourglass powders for ages, a good way to get a little of everything was this Ambient Lighting Edit Palette from net-a-porter, now sadly out of stock. I introduced to Hourglass when I went to Milano. I thouroughly enjoyed using their mini sample of their primer. I will definitely do another blog post on Hourglass Cosmetics as I am obsessed with their stuff. Hence I wanted to try out their powder products but I wouldn’t commit to a €54/ a piece without trying them first. I’ve seen a lot of negative review online due to its high price/quantity of product but honestly, for someone like me who hardly wear fancy makeup to start with, it will last me ages. This is gorgeous ! definitely an very early christmas present to myself.

Then comes BeautyJoint, NYX soft matte lip cream in San Paolo is a matte mid tone red/pinkish lipstick I wanted to try (for years). I always put it off due to the scare of the custom charges of buying from the US. There are a couple of options to buy from America but they all seems pricey and uncertain (to my opinion).  I read a couple of review on BeautyJoint and I must admit I am impressed by their customer service and the shipping time to France. So I figured, I would order San Paolo as well as the ELF mad for Matte palette (that is for some reason, unavailable in the ELF French Website). As you may know from one of my previous post I go banana for matte palettes (The Tarte Tartelette palette might be on his way to my post box too). So yeah, I am now definitely on a no-buy for a while.


L x

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