A note on Sleeping

How many time did I hear people say « I will have to sleep when I die » as a way to justify the fact that sleeping is not in their priorities. And you know what, you need to sleep enough for several reasons.

Sleep allows to the brain to recover and repair itself. During deep sleep is engaged the recovery mode of the cortex: the latter is otherwise responsible for thoughts, memory and language.

  • We multitask more therefore we need to sleep.

Researchers stated that as women need more sleep than men (Study from Duke University, Durham, North Carolina). Running around like busy bees all day doing a million things is fun (or necessary) but make sure you get the right amount of sleep to avoid some heart disease, depression and potential psychological problem. Sleep-deprivation in the case of Women can have terrible effect regardless of how tempting to skip a few hours of sleep to do something else

  • All about that Beauty Sleep thing

Researchers have found out that sleep can make you look younger. Shocking isn’t it;

Sleep deprivation cause accelerated skin aging as well dark circles (as lack of sleep cause dilatation of blood vessel) – that beauty sleep myth you know. During yaour sleep the skin repairs itself – hence the urge to sleep with a make-up free and moisturized face.

Sleeping allow your skin to radiate – by allowing a better blood flow inside your body, and generate a crucial ingredient for collagen production and cells renewal.

  • Increase your productivity
    • Your attention span will be better
    • You rely on procastination too much? You are probably not getting enough sleep
    • Your brain gets drunk on exhaustion : Going 19 hours without sleep makes your brain act as if you had 0.05 blood –alcohol concentration (British Medical journal)
    • You will remember things better and solve them quicker(all about that increased attention span I told you about earlier)
  • This is Scientific !

Amongst all the benefits of the mecanism of the body that kicks of when we fall asleep, a recent discovery from researchers at Stony Brook University states that a lateral sleeping position could be overwhelmingly decreasing the probability of developing Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders later on in life. In other words improper removal of brain waste ( a combination of amyloids and tau proteins to be scientifically precise) that build up during the days of our very busy life can negatively impact your health. So a lateral sleeping position is preferable over a back or stomack sleeping position (Source http://www.lifehack.org/304744/how-your-sleep-position-can-impact-your-brains-waste-removal).

And if you want it to be easier to understand, the Disney Movie “Inside Out” very cleverly describe what happens to our memories and thoughts when you fall asleep.

  • Tips for better sleep

Set up a bed time ritual

Find your bed time rhythm and stick to it

Find out how much sleep you need to be mentally sharp– even though the average person needs eight hours of sleep, each individual is different.

The Pillow matters: change the pillowcase every week to avoid skin breakouts.

Why not trying natural supplement like chamomile tea, valerian, melatonin and kava

No caffeine nor sugar before bed

Turn off electronics in backlighting (like an ipad) in the room one hour before sleeping

Try out meditation

  • You cannot sleep enough? take a nap

Either 25 min or 90 min to maximize the effect of the nap. Any other length can make you feel worse than because you started.

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