MonthlyTreat : a SAINT LAURENT zipped card holder

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I’ve been a Primark Wallet kinda girl for years. I wouldn’t really think before buying a new one: the latest design of Primark would often end up in basket, I would use it for some times and then get bored of it eventually and get a new one.

Because a wallet hold your money, I do think that the wallet should be the image of how you want to spend the money inside it. I was looking for a small wallet/card holder that could be practical yet save some space in my bag as since the beginning of the year I really try to carry smaller bag to spare my back from unnecessarily heavy weight.

This purchase was the first occasion I had to enter a Saint Laurent Shop. This wallet is not only a very practical wallet as it carries cards and a little bit of cash but also this wallet is the testimony that I prefer to wait and save for a more beautiful purchase rather than wasting 5 pounds on a wallet that will end up in a corner.

I would compare buying a more luxe wallet to a long-term fixed asset in the field of accountancy. In fact, I am not really relying on the price of an object but on its price/number of wear. The latter is lower on a piece you keep and use for years in comparison with something you buy cheaper but keep only for few months.

I wanted to wait a 3 or 4 months before writing an article about it as I wanted to see how it wears. If you are very particular with scratch I would advise to go for a grained leather option as this one get scratches fairly easily. Nevertheless It wears beautifully and I get a tone of use about of it.



6 Replies to “MonthlyTreat : a SAINT LAURENT zipped card holder”

  1. Great post and lovely wallet. I love your accounting rationalization for this purchase! I also wholeheartedly agree with your statement “I do think that the wallet should be the image of how you want to spend the money inside it.”. I went out and bought a beautiful Louis Vuitton Damier Ebène zippy wallet for that same reason.

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