Maybelline The Nude Palette Versus L’Oreal Color Riche La Palette Nude : Which one is the Best ?

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 Today is about the battle of the lastest drugstore nude palettes naming the L’Oréal Color Riche La palette Nude in Beige and the Maybelline the Nude Palette. One thing to know about both palettes, they are really similar in the way that some of the shades are really similar, both have a matte bone colour shadow, as well as a taupy-mauve brown crease shade (just a little deeper than that UD laced eyeshadow I am always raving about) as well as a deep shimmery brown shade and a grey shimmery offering. Both are similar we get it, but lets get into the comparison;

L’Oréal Color Riche La palette nude in Beige is a 10 pan eyeshadow palette for a total of 7 grammes of products and retails for 24,90 Euros (though you can find it in some duty free for 19 Euros).

Maybelline The Nude Palette has a total of 12 pans for a total of 9,6 grammes of products for a price tag of 12,50 euros on average.

Eyeshadow wise:

la palette nude has 6 mattes shades (being 4 transition shades, 1 bone color and 1 off black shadow) as well as 4 shimmery shadows (a light gold, a rosegold offering a grey/taupy shimmery shade and a brown shade with gold shimmers that remind me of MAC Sable.

The Maybelline nude palette has 5 mattes (3 crease brownish shades, 1 matte bone color and 1 black shadow) and 7 shimmery shades (2 gold shades, 2 brown shimmers, 1 grey/taupy color and a white pearly shimmery shadow.

as for the comparison, here are my thought on the Maybeline palette :

The Pros:

Great all over pigmentation, great variety of gold shadows, very complete for such a good price point. IT IS A BARGAIN !

I have been using everyday since I got it.

The minus:

i wish there were more matte shades you know me and my preference for matte shadows

The matte shadows are harder to blend in comparison with the L’oréal offering.

The packaging lacks a mirror and may not be as travel friendly as its competitor.

and on the L’Oreal nude palette :

The Pros:

The packaging is really similar to a BOBBI BROWN palette I own, very handy for travelling and the mirror is a plus !

the range of matte shades in this palette is fantastic, and so well pigmented ! If you are a matte shadow person, this is definitely the one for you.

The Cons :

The pale gold shadow is a bit off for my taste. The shimmery shadows are not as pigmented I would like them to be.

On paper, The L’oréal offering should be my favorite yet I have seen myself using the maybelline one a lot more. I really can not choose for the life of me which one to choose. Mainly because both are similar but also really different !

Which one is your favourite ?



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