LycheeCook: The not-so Italian Pasta Dish

IMG_2451 copyBeing half-italian, it would be not surprise for you I am sure to know that my staple food is pasta. Whether it is Italian style or plain with grated cheese and butter. My favorite Pasta Dish is one who is inspired of a Dish I once had in an Italian restaurant in England.

It is not how I picture an Italian dish to be yet this taste like a treat to me. You could easily add pesto to your taste but this is how I do it.

You will need for 2 people:

–          500g of Cherry Tomatoes

–          200g of Fresh Green Beans

–          250g of Penne pasta

–          250g of Chicken

–          Pepper to your taste

–          a couple of pinch of Himalayan salt

–          Olive Oil

Put some water to boil with Himalayan salt and two table spoons of olive oil in a pot before adding the pasta and the fresh green beans (after cutting each ends). When the green beans are cooked but still crispy, take them out of the pan. Let it cook for 15ish minutes depending on the kind of pasta you are using. In medium heat and in a separate frying pan, add a couple of tea spoons of olive oil, add the chicken chopped in pieces as well as the cherry tomatoes cut in half. Season it to taste. Turn the chicken to cook it properly and once the tomatoes turn into a kind of sauce, take it out the heat.

In a dish, mix the pasta, the green beans, and the mixture of the frying pan. Serve Hot.

Because this dish is a treat, I do not try to use other brown pasta or healthier alternative. However feel free to substitute any of the ingredients you don’t want to use or find a healthier alternative. This is how I like this dish, and I hope you like it too!


L x

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