Wanderlust : 8 hours visiting St Honorat Island

St-Honorat is a little island 15 minutes away from Cannes by boat, a little piece of paradise where you can walk your way around it in a few hours and try some wine made by the Monk who lives there in a Monastery. There is actually two islands next to cannes but to me, this one is the most charming, historical and pretty of them both. Simply because everything there is made to protect from the impact of tourism. We spent around 8 hours there and it was magical: Here is my photo-report !

IMG_2341 copy
IMG_2069 copy

IMG_2018 copy IMG_2064 copy IMG_2046 copy IMG_2062 copy IMG_2083 copy IMG_2088 copy IMG_2089 copy IMG_2092 copy IMG_2097 copy IMG_2172 copy IMG_2166 copy IMG_2174 copy IMG_2198 copy IMG_2233 copy IMG_2267 copy IMG_2298 copy IMG_2264 copy IMG_2261 copy IMG_2293 copy IMG_2282 copy IMG_2256 copy IMG_2241 copy IMG_2269 copy IMG_2340 copy IMG_2108 copyIMG_2341 copyIMG_2342 copy

Hope you liked it

L x

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