A note on being organised 

For the longest time I thought being messy was something I could never change. Walking in my appartement alone was sometimes so shameful I would not even consider inviting a friend around. It was going to a point where my close ones were bothered by it, as well as in my workplace. I could have just told myself it is how I am, but I made a concious effort for that not to happen anymore. I do believe now that the state of your room reflect on the state of your mind. Theres must be a reason why people feel so bad where they enter a messy room. One of the book that greatly helped me out with decluttering was “The life-changing magic of tyding” by Marie Kondo. I already mentioned that book a few time on here but trust me if you have ever dealt with organization issues, Marie Kondo explains perfectly the japanese decluttering tradition and will make you want to take a chance to change. In fact, now the mess actually bugs me until it’s gone. I now make a concious effort to tidy my place at least once a week and this time of the week is also some time I take for myself to reflect on my week, assess where I am at emotionally and the things I want to improve in the coming week. I think being organised versus being messy is a state of mind that apply for every single area of your life once you choose which one you want to stand by. I chose to be organised and I am so glad I did. 

L x

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