MonthlyTreat: take-10 minutes of Headspace a Day

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This edition of my MonthlyTreat series is not about  something material but an application: Headspace. I downloaded Headspace a year ago almost and I think that now is the best time to talk about it. 

As you may have gathered if you read this article, I have anxiety and rather than spending hours talking about it, I well prefer trying to look for solutionS. 

Meditation is becoming a trend. Everyone and their guinea pigs are talking about it – I get it. Yet, trying out the take 10 of Headspace really made a difference on how I deal with thoughts, feelings and I do see the benefits of it on my health and mind frame. 

Did you know meditation is actually good for your health as well?

Andy, the founder of, made a beginners’ program to learn meditation. You can then decide to carry on with it and pay a fee or just take the opportunity of getting the free lessons and then find another way to meditate – for example youtube propose a lot of guided meditation. 

I would really recommand you to try out their take-10 program for free and decide for yourself if you want to learn meditation.

Not sponsored just loving it !!!  

Tell me if you have tried and what you think of it. 

And technically it is still July isn’t it? 

I hope you have a nice time ! 


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