Your Perfect Handbag


The thing that is so beautiful about a nice handbag is that if chosen well it could be your perfect companion no matter the outfit. I am not a big believer in having a tone of cheap ones. Having a couple of well made, timeless, easy-to-style and good quality handbags will get you far. Reading “the Art of Simplicity” by Dominique Loreau and “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” by Marie Kondo (I might to an in-depth review of the latter in the coming week) helped me out in simplifying and make the most out of my handbag choices. Here is some tips to choose the perfect one:
– Keep it Simple in term of colors and style. A practical handbag need to be versatile.

– Don’t choose it too big: Your back will thank you later. It is also a good way not to lose your keys inside the handbag monster – no one wants to be spending half an hour looking for them.

– Don’t choose it too small: having to carry a tote bag at the end of the day because does not fit in it is not a good idea. Make it big enough to have your extreme necessities.

– Find a handbag you can carry in different ways – because it is just versatile and useful.

– Invest in a good quality handbag: because if it checks all of the boxes above, you will have a lot of wear out of it.

– Good quality does not necessarily means a big brand, it means quality: not everyone has the budget to invest in luxury.

– But if you choose to venture into the luxury handbag category, invest wisely and make sure its resale value is worth the investment. Stick with classic style.

– Keep only your bare necessities in it: having your entire life in your handbag is not the way to go. How to check if its bare necessities material? Put it in your handbag, and if you did not use it in a week this is clearly not an essential.

– Having 12 lip products and 2 lip liners are clearly not a necessity though we all know we do it – one nude option and one bolder options are probably enough (Really!!!).

– Luxury or not, make sure you take good care of it. Stuff it, put it back in its dust bag when not in use. Get it checked by a leather specialist or ask advice from the seller on how to maintain it.

– Even if you don’t change your handbag every day, empty it every night, put things back in the morning. At least you know what you carry around with you during the day.

– Find an handbag that suits your style, your need and take good care of it !!!
L x 

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