Monthly Treat: A fresh Mint Candle

Summer is not the season for burning candles, I know. It is warm and you hopefully prefer to go to the beach instead of staying inside burning your candle, I do get it. Now lets pretend you have to work all summer long, you come home and guess what, in summer your house will definitely not smell as Fresh and Clean as long as it would in Winter. 

Simply because it is warmer, things get smellier quicker. Wo wo look at me talking like a real housewife! This blogpost is really going nowhere. I treated myself to that candle from Dyptique surprisingly one that I have never seen before on any blogs or anywhere. It just smelt nice.It was one of those more luxurious items, I wanted an easy sent, I would not get bored by. Menthe Verte means Green Mint in English, I really like the fresh smell of Mint. Fresh is definitely not often associated to candles which are traditionally more sweet or floral. This one really is and so much more. That is the only candle I own apart from Dyptique Amber which is more of a winter warm, classy and more complicated scent; Green Mint is totally the opposite. I have been burning this candle since december (not everyday though, more like a treat or when necessary) the smell is simply stunning.  

Now, Wax candles are definitely not the best for your health but burnt once or twice a week, you don’t risk much. I would like to find a Soy candle with this sent but until I find one, this one will be the one. 


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