Wanderlust: Four days walking around Dublin and Hiking in Wicklow Mountains National Park

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Going back to Dublin felt like going back Home.  A couple of friends I had in England and we met up in Dublin, we stayed at the Gibson Hotel near the newly built O2 arena, at the near the entrance of our hotel was the terminus of the Dublin Tram. This hotel was very nice, beautiful, and people there were really welcoming. The room itself was modern and truly beautiful. Probably one of the best hotel I have ever stayed at.

This hotel was located at the outskirt of Dublin, perfect to enjoy Dublin without being overwhelmed by the night life of the city which can sometimes be overpowering – the first time I have to Dublin we were staying in the busiest part of city called Temple Bar where all of the local and traditional pubs are.

Walking through the streets of Dublin is a very pleasing experience, reminded me of London with a little something more charming.  People we met and talked to were really welcoming, nice and helpful – I even considered moving there for a second (Don’t tell anyone 🙂 ). The buildings are really ecletics in their architecture – in the Trinity College, a victorian feel and Temple bar is much more modern and young –

The last day we have been to the Wicklow Mountains National Park by car, where we spent 5 hours walking, hiking, browsing and enjoying our time. I love Wicklow and Glendalough so much that’s the place I always go to when I go Ireland. This hike is just so relaxing and beautiful.

A gateaway to Ireland was the perfect way for me to spent the few days before my birthday (on April 10th) to recharge my batterie and take some fresh air. This is definitely a trip to remember !!



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