A dupe for Urban Decay Laced ES & MAC Burgundy times 9 Eye Shadow Palette

  The latest MAC offering is a new 9-pan palette in several hues, oh surprise I choose the Burgundy. They call it a discount in comparison with the full price of their single eyeshadow, I liked it because it was travel size and had a couple of shades I like (QUARRY all the way). The palette is the same size of a normal MAC quad, but with 9 shadows instead of 4 in the palette you can compose yourself in store. The palette has a total of 0,8 grammes of product which is tiny. All the shades are the size of a 2 euros cent. coins. On to the shades now: the first row consists in Honey Lust (L), Poppyseed (S), Quarry (M); the second one of Antiqued (VXP), Embark (M), #Noir (V) and the last one is composed of Haux (S), StarViolet (VXP) and Sketch (V). I told you in this article that Urban Decay Laced is one of my favourite eyeshadow of all time (Now that is a bold statement), I use it everyday and when I discovered that it was discountinued I bought one additional back-up on top of the two that I already have waiting in my draw. The shade Poppyseed right next to Quarry in the MAC Burgundy times 9 Eye Shadow Palette didn’t look like nothing special until I swatched it next to Laced, IT IS A DUPE ! the colour is identifical as well as the feel of it and the swatch. GREAT ! The good news is that this palette is now permanent to Mac, the bad new is that Poppyseed is not (yet?) available on its own as a normal eyeshadow pan in MAC. It is still a good news ! Nevertheless it is a gorgeous palette to travel with or try out different shades from MAC without breaking the bank. I am not hysterical I promise, I just genuinely enjoy using this shade described as pinky-taupe beigy matte shadow with neutral undertones, one of the most blendable shade I own perfect as a everyday colour on its own or a great base and transition shade with other shadows. L x

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