How to survive your first full time job: fashion, beauty and food. 





Easy Wardrobe choice

– Create a routine for getting ready: tight schedule is not best to experiment with your clothes, make-up and hair.
– Get into the habits of preparing your outfit the night before
– Create a section within your wardrobe for work purpose; keeping a color-scheme that works well (neutral maybe) would be ideal to mix and match in the morning without any color clash.
– Dress accordingly to your co-workers: in my case, it is pretty straightforward as we have to wear uniforms however in a more general environment, it is not about standing out but more of blending in.
– A Low-key Medium-sized black bag will be a life savior for everyday wear. It goes with everything, is very easy and spare you time changing bags in the morning.

Get into a Routine

– A high pony will be your best friend for lazy morning/greasy hair days. It just look effortless and pull together at the same time. 
– A bright lip color is a good idea to brighten up your face after a tough night/ end of a though week HOWEVER it is silly but make sure the lipstick of your choice fades in an uniform manner/is not too difficult to maintain because work is not about going to the bathroom 20 times a day to touch up, it is about low maintenance lip colors that makes you look more awake and healthy.
– A good concealer and a very fine setting powder is everything complexion wise.

Be the Healthy Version of Yourself

Being in good physical condition is a must for keeping up with working 40+ hours a week and maintaining somehow of a private life as well.
– Drink at least 1L5, being dehydrated is not good for the body nor for the mind, especially if you are sitting all day. Water keeps your mind sane.
– Exercise!!! And this one I had trouble keeping up with however this is an important one. Even 10 minutes a day can make a whole lot of difference!
– Try to eat as healthily as possible: Pack your lunch! This one is an essential for me now. My workplace has a cantine but I struggled with weight gain. Until I started eating very healthy at lunch and I feel a lot better and also I feel healthier.

Don’t hesitate to comment if you have any additional tips that can help us! 


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