MonthlyTreat I The Power of Flowers

It has just been ages since I sat down at Desk to post on here. I haven’t been on the internet a lot, well only Instagram really yet this MonthlyTreat series inspires me for some reason. Since I have started, every month, I am just looking forward to the next thing I am going to present. Yes, I plan a lot, but not a lot of blogging happens.

IMG_1315 flowerpowersI did not want to present you something make-up related this month, because when Spring sprung all I want to do is go outside and take pictures of flowers (sad, I know). I realized the power of having flowers around is such awesome; it perks your mood, add some colors to an interior and even add a nice smell to your desk. Only one downside, it is expensive to keep cut flowers around when the time is not right but not in the SPRING!

I love having flowers in the Spring as they are so readily available –in the streets even- and affordable – if you live nearby a LIDL supermarket… go check it asap or you can even pluck it in the park if you feel brave enough – Generally nice and colorful flowers are more available now, Roses and Tulips may be the most common and my personal favorite.

I don’t know much about keeping them fresh longer – this article sold me on the fact Flower food is important for their longer lives.

Flowers are just a perky way to add colors and life around you. I have personally learn my lesson from when I was looking for jobs in England, after waiting hours on an interview call that never happened, I so was upset went to Tesco to buy myself a £4 bouquet of flowers that made me feel so much calmer afterwards and that I kept looking fresh for weeks. It is almost magical!

Stay safe



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