MonthlyTreat I Clarins Instant Lip Confort Oil


Dry lips are just not a good look. Regarless if you wanted it to be mate in the first place or if you just forgot your favourite lipstick on your dressing table before leaving for work in the morning. I actually have been seeking for very low maitenance beauty products this month because clearly I have not had times to even do otherwise. 

Now what I find genius about this product or even with a couple of others very good lipbalms, is that you can either wear it on its own or over lipsticks for a more colourful and glossy lip combo. I am actually very picky with lip products as I don’t want to have lipstick all over my face nor having to reapply an hundread time a day nor even put my fingers in a pot during the day I spent in front of my laptop (that keyboard is grooooss). I rarely find lip balm that ticks all the boxes plus this one also feels and smells very luxurious. 

So on overall if you have to treat yourself to an alrounder good lip product, pick this one. 

My tricks: I like to start my day with a bold lip colours which means around noon, most of the colours is gone : to avoid weird looking lips or uneveness, pop of this one, and you will look brand new! Aha not literally am afraid !   

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