Things We Love




Oh well, it is just fair I use Valentine’s Day as a excuse to talk about Thing We Love. In real life , I am not too keen on thinking Valentine’s Day is the day to tell your loved one you love because there is enough other day within the year to tell them without being reminded or forced to do so.
That being said, I wish you to be loved and to love just for the hell of it, without asking for anything in return – by your partners, friends, family or even pet -. It may be scary to think We can get attached but so worth it.

Those photos do not really match anything written earlier on. However more than the cream or the blush I received earlier today, the packaging reminded me how important it is not to rely only on things to be happy but also on people. So ironic, coming from a girl who comment on make up product for a hobby isn’t it! Appart from that this month birchbox subscription box is impressive, but that is not the topic of this article.

Love, and Happy Valentine’s Day wether you care for it or not,



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