Dupe for BOBBI BROWN full cover foundation brush

IMG_0728 copy IMG_0733 copy IMG_0731 copyWhen it comes to base brushes, I like them to be multitask and leave a flawless finish effortlessly. Demanding? Me? never!

I saw the amazing online review of the BOBBI BROWN full cover foundation face brush, and somehow, I wanted to try it.

Before that I have been using the Sephora Mineral Powder brush (45) for literally years. I do love it for blending foundation – Mineral or Powder -, concealer and setting powder. Multitasking at its best. and if I were to purchase such an expensive foundation brush, i would hope it does all of these tasks, just better.

This brush really hold up to its expectation, it is really similar to the Sephora one, but a bit softer and blend things that tiny bit quicklier.

At the purchase of the CHANEL vitalumière foundation powder, the kabuki that came with it really reminded me of those brushes. Only because there is not handle, it is not as confortable to use, yet handy for travelling purposes.

Of course, those brushes are amazing, but on the pricier side. I was on the hunt of a cheaper alternative and I came across this MUA blush buki brush for £5 on their website and it looked cool. At first use, i was amazed by how perfect my concealer looked when using this to blend it. Though I haven’t used it for powder foundation just, it has just been blending my concealer seamlessly and made a decent powdering. I would consider those dupes as they are very similar, and if you don’t have the budget for an expensive foundation brush this MUA one might just be the one for you, and it is soooo soft.



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