The One Sweep Eye Shadow Obsession: Urban Decay Laced

Hello there ! How have you been ?

I have never been a single eyeshadow person, especially not from Urban Decay, and especially when you own one or several of the NAKED palettes. However, I changed my mind, just for this one. I have spotted this when browsing the aisles of Sephora, put the purchase to later telling myself I did not need another neutral eyeshadow. Several months ago, I spotted it again, wondering what shades it would be, and surprise, it was the one and only Laced shade.

Now if you have the Vice 1 palette from UD you probably already own this shade, but apparently it was so good that they released a single eyeshadow. And I am glad I own it.This shade, described as a pinky taupe matte, is like nothing I have come across so far.

It would a mix between Naked from the Naked 1 and Limit from the Naked 3 palette. Also a good in between shade between MAC Quarry and MAC Malt Eyeshadows. What makes this eyeshadow so unique in my opinion is the pinky undertone would really complement every eye colours. This matte shade is perfect for an everyday look, not to out there but also very flattering.  Without a doubt, if I had to keep one of my eyeshadow, it would be this one – Now this is a bold statement coming from someone like me but since I got (more than 8 months ago) I have used it everyday.

IMG_0683 IMG_0682

IMG_0690 copyThis shadow is also very versatile, It is possible to use it everyday using different techniques: because the shade is subtil yet very pretty, you can deepen the colour in the crease by using a shadow like Mac Mauveless for a purple look or Nars Coconut Grove for a more neutral smocky look.

However even worn on it own, applied with a big eyeshadow sweep brush, it adds this pinky/brown tone as well as blurring/ evening things out. Perfect for Day Time “I have no time to make a smocky eye but I still want to look put together” with a little bit of mascara.

IMG_0693 copy

My favourite way of wearing it nowadays involves three shadows that all adds on each other to create a perfect low maintenance and pretty makeup look:

I use Laced all over the lid and on the crease of my eyes, I blend out the edges with MUA fudge shadow and add a little bit of a nice shimmer to the look to brighten things up with Burberry Pale Barley. I am just obsessed with this look at the moment with a little bit of brown liner on the lash line and mascara. So simple and Chic !

IMG_0675 copy

Tell me what is your favourite eyeshadow look ??  I am excited to know !



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