MonthlyTreat: The Limited Edition Jardin de CHANEL Blush Camélia Rosé Blush

IMG_0560 copy IMG_0561 copy IMG_0566 copyI was thinking of starting a new monthly article on here around the line “if you treat yourself to one thing this month”, not necessarily to talk expensive products every month (my wallet wouldn’t allow it) but more special/ one of a kind products.

To kick off this series, I thought I would start with a very special something, this beauty from CHANEL. I have never tried any of the CHANEL blushers, but when I saw this one, well I simply could not resist. I am obsessed with CHANEL’s Camellias to start with, and second of all the colours of this blusher is actually stunning, it reminds me of a pinker/brighter/ more pigmented version of NARS douceur.

Two things I was concerned about when swatching this in store was if it was scented, it actually smells like I would imagine a camellia to smell like, CHANEL went all out. And the second thing is actually the use I would make of it, because really it is almost to beautiful to use on a daily basis.

I decided on this blusher (my 10% discount helped me greatly) thinking I would use it for special occasion and just stare at it when necessary.



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