Minimalistic Handbag Staples for Busy Bees.

IMG_0541 copyIMG_0533 copyA french way of saying that life is like a clockwork is saying it is organized like a music sheet. I like this french saying a lot because it is really how I feel sometimes. Working full time, having your own place to take care of and so on, this can be very time consuming and you leave the house in the rush in the morning. No time for fancy bag choices, the staples things need to be ready to go in a heartbeat. So looking back at my unique goal of 2015, this was only fair that I try to declutter my Handback and keep only the main things useful to my everyday life (without few other ones like my keys, and phone). Here’s what I came out with:

A multicolor Pen: useful for writing (oh really !? I tried to write without one, it was tough). Something simple, mine has the four main colours that can ever be useful without being to girly/childish.

A nice Agenda: Now, I don’t think you NEED a VUITTON to stay organized (you really do not!). I do like this one because you can still refill them with filofax inserts. This exact one is the Monogram Vernis leather PM agenda cover but once again a lot of other brands have cheaper ones. I use mine with an agenda insert as well as some plain inserts for note taking and to do lists, because I am a freak like that :). I also keep some of my cards in the inserts inside. A good tool to keep organized and the good thing is, you can always taylor it to your own needs and make it what to want it to be, whenever.

A nice pair of Headphones : because you never know when you need to be listening to your music or even meditating in the tube when it is busy and you just want to be in your own little bubble for some time. These are the URBEATS, that I have been for three or four months everyday and the quality is still as good as Day 1.

and to finish some beauty bits

– A nice lipbalm : having a lipbalm in a tube when you are on the go is ESSENTIAL. I am absolutely LOVING this one from the BODY SHOP. The Aloe lip care is targeted for sensitive skins, does not really have a smell but is quite thick. It does stay around after applying it and condition the lips ever so slightly.

tip: Using a lip liner before hand to add some colour then taking this lipbalm all over -Very nice indeed-.

And a good Handcream: because you never know when you will get dry hands. I would also suggest taking an antibacterial gel with you, but i don’t always have one at hand. the Smell of this one is actually nice, I also have the Moringa one, that I will start after finishing this one. what is your favourite Handcream ???

By the Way, I am not sponsored by THE BODY SHOP, I paid for these myself, I just happen to like these wo products.

What are your handbag Essentials ?



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