Useful Oils for an Simple yet Effective Skincare

IMG_0408 copyIf I wrote last week about Macadamia oil working wonders on my hair, this week I decided to share few of my skincare miracle workers. I found out with skincare, less ingredient is always more. Though some of those expensive serums may really improve your skin, it can also create allergies and cause breakouts.

Relying on basic oils to add this “keep me up” to the skin is actually the safest way I found. Not every oils are going to work the same. For example, Avoid Roseship Oil if your skin is sensitive as it is known to be a little bit iritative. However the ones I am about to present you are fine for sensitive skin as it is my skin type.

– Abricot Oil is a good overnight oil for help brighten things up, I always notice that the next day, my face is moisturized and more bright. The next day, my skin just looks better, and brighter.  My absolute favourite !

– Avocado Oil is a good alternative to a eye treatment, using a fine layer of this before going to bed help keep the eye area plumped and looking good. Though I wouldn’t recommand using this in the morning, a bit too greasy looking to be day-time appropriate. If you don’t mind the smell of Argan Oil, it also works very well!

– Carrot Oil is packed with Vitamin C which helps reduce hyperpigmentation and leaves the skin soft. Don’t be scared by the fact that this oil is orange, it actually does not transfer to the skin. Mixing some Carrot Oil with Abricot Oil for an overnight mask is just everything… !

– Did you know that Jojoba is the most similar Oil to our natural sebum ? I use a thin layer oil after a clay mask, giving myself a little face massage for it to sink it quicklier. Perfect to Balance things out after a drying/clearing mask.

Those are the one I use as a complement to my basic mosturizer and eye cream, and it has been working a treat. As I mentioned in this article I am not the biggest fan of buying new skincare just for fun because my skin is so sensitive, I tend to stick to the products that works for me.

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