A drugstore dupe for The Dior Lip Glow Reviver Balm?

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The Dior Lip Glow Reviver Balm is the first makeup item I actually finished and repurchased, because I using it. For a very natural but glowy/healthy looking make-up lover this product is a must. Even on No-makeup day, this lipstick will lift you  all face up and makes you look healthier (did I say that already?). It sorts of act as a natural enhancer to look like the better version of yourself.

It is just a balm, Lauren, chill out!

Okey, I am maybe a little excessive, to be honest, this balm will enhance your natural lip colour, as it reacts with the chemistry of your lips to create a well-taylored and flattering shade and because it is enriched in mango butter it is mosturizing too. I can say though, you need to reapply rather frequently because it may tend to disappear rather quickly on your lips. A slight tint stays though without any harsh or unflattering marks as it disappears.

Imagine my surprise when searching the Essence counter of my supermarket in the hunt for a bargain (as you do), I see this balm who is supposed to be a glow tinted lip balm, tint and care (for under 4€). So far there is none of the product from the Essence range that I have tried that I didn’t like. So this may be a dupe.

When using it for the first time, I was actually pleasantely surprised with how it came out, the lasting power is fantastic and it is really nourishing (even more than the Dior one).

For someone you is a fan of very minimal makeup and also on a budget, this is a great alternative to the Dior one. Though the Dior will always have my heart when it comes to the packaging, and how it feels like to take it out of your handbag and reapply, it is a luxury. However judging on the quality of the balm, the Essence one is longer lasting and more nourishing, also its colour is a bit more “out-there” than the Dior one. But both of them are great, and are worth the investment depending on your budget.

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